Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds - Classic Functionality Giving You Full Light Control

Gone are the days of venetian blinds that are like the ones you find in “Grandma” houses. The venetians of today are stylish, practical and will complement your existing finishes. You’ll find these blinds are easy to use, glide smoothly and include child-safe wands. No more crooked blinds, long cords or frustration.

Available in aluminium, PVC and timber, you’ll find that these blinds will suit any room in your home. Aluminium venetians will add a crisp, clean feel while timber ones will add a warm and rustic charm to your house. On the other end of the spectrum, PVC venetian blinds will complement contemporary style homes. So, why choose venetian blinds when so many other styles of blinds are available? The number one reason is because these blinds are practical.

Tried and trusted, venetian blinds will:

Not sure which venetian blinds are right for your house? We can bring our mobile showroom to your home and show you different colours and finishes. You can even hold up our samples to your window to see how each one looks. Choosing the right venetian for your home has never been easier. Together with our expert opinion, we can help you make the right choice. So, give Riverina Plantation Shutters a call to book your free in-home consultation. What are you waiting for?

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