The Right Way to Hang a Roller Blind

There is a debate in many households over the correct way to hang a roll of toilet paper – should it over roll or under roll? You’ll find some people even argue “does it matter which way the toilet paper goes?!”.

Well the debate among households can continue when choosing which way to hang a roller blind. Is there a correct way to hang a roller blind? Does it matter which way the roller blind goes?!

The answer (to both debates mind you) is yes, it does matter.

While the toilet paper debate is pretty clear cut (i.e you either over roll or you’re wrong) the roller blind debate “depends”… on your window or door, your fabric, your home needs, your design, whether you choose motorised blinds etc etc etc!

The way a roller blind rolls and hangs comes down to how the blind is initially assembled. The blinds fabric is attached to an inner tube, and the fabric is either forward rolled over the tube, or reverse rolled under the tube. The blind mechanisms are then attached to either side of the tube. The blind is made to have a specific roll direction, with a specific chain side, and is then ideally installed to follow how it was made. Unlike a toilet roll, you can’t just easily change which way a blind rolls without changing the blind installation or re rolling a roller blind.

From a visual perspective an over rolled blind hides the fabric-wrapped tube by having the blind hang in front of the roll. An under rolled blind leaves the fabric-wrapped tube on show at the front. It’s important to note here that with an under rolled blind it is actually the back of the fabric that is seen on the tube… and because the tube is seen in front of the blind, the back of the fabric is front and centre, on show on the roll. These are important things to know when it comes time to choosing which roller blind fabric is best and which way your blinds will roll.

Does this image solve both debates? Over rolled toilet paper hanging as an over rolled blind… Porque no los dos?!


If you want your blind to roll as close to the glass as possible, you’ll want to choose an under rolled blind. If however you have obstructions close to the glass such as window locks or latches you might need to choose an over roller blind. If your window reveal is very narrow, you (might not even be able to fit a roller blind in there at all!) may have to install your blinds on the face – in which case the roll direction here becomes very important. An over rolled blind on the face will leave a gap between the blind and the architrave, allowing a large amount of light to come in from the sides. An under rolled blind on the face however will roll as close to flush against the architrave/wall, minimising light and increasing privacy.

Hopefully you are starting to see that correctly deciding which way to hang roller blinds takes a lot into consideration. A window furnishing expert should help you consider everything that you don’t even realise you need to consider when choosing blinds. Everything from your room layout, home orientation and design preference, to insulation, privacy and lighting needs should be considered, and your local window furnishing consultant should be able to streamline the decision making for you.

While the decisions are not hard to make, without proper consideration the outcomes are not hard to get wrong. The roller blind “rules” for your house will be unique to everything considered with you for your home. What is correct for your blinds may not be the same for what is correct with your neighbours blinds! This is why there is no clear cut answer to the question “which way should roller blinds be hung”.

To help you choose which blinds are right for your house (and then which way your roller blinds should face), we come to you and see your home (or floorplan if you’re still building!) and show you some options that will suit your needs. We aim to make the selection process as easy as possible for you, so that you end up with the best window furnishing solution for both your home and your budget.

If you need help choosing the right blinds or other window coverings, contact us today and we will help make your decision process simple!

And to leave you with one massive take home tip: if you have side-by-side windows with side-by-side blinds… make sure they’re rolling the same direction!

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