Following on from our last post about “Blinds that look like shutters”, we naturally need to explore zebra blinds.

Sometimes referred to as day and night blinds, double vision blinds, sheer light blinds, ribbon blinds or zebra blinds, these blinds are made from a unique fabric that alternates between wide blockout bands and translucent bands. The blind is double-layered and as both layers slide against each other the fabric bands either stack or coincide. This design allows you to control and maximise your rooms natural lighting and privacy.

As with a standard roller blind, when a zebra blind is fully raised the window has a completely unobstructed view. When a zebra blind is lowered, the horizontal blockout bands partially obscure the view – creating an effect similar to plantation shutter blades or venetian blind louvres. Hence why to some people, some zebra blinds can look like plantation shutters. If you want complete privacy, fully close the blind by stacking the blockout fabric bands, completely hiding the window.

Our fabric selections for our sheer light blinds covers the common interior window furnishing styles. The blockout bands don’t have to be a complete blockout fabric either. Our fabric range includes light filtering and sheer fabrics for these blinds, as well as blockout fabrics.

Each zebra blind is finished with a full cassette at the top to hide the rolling components, and a base rail at the bottom in a colour to complement your fabric choice.

Zebra Blinds are a standard part of our Riverina Blinds range. Each blind is custom made to suit your home.

So if you’re looking for new blinds in Wagga, Griffith or Albury, give Riverina Plantation Shutters a call and we will book a home consultation for you.

-RPShutters (and Blinds!)


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