Honeycomb Blinds​

Honeycomb Blinds – Experience Ultimate Insulation, Comfort and Style.

Welcome to a new era in window dressing! Honeycomb blinds effortlessly blend the easy functionality of a slim roller blind, the minimal stack of a venetian blind, and the soft aesthetic of fabric furnishings. But here’s the game-changer: these aren’t just window coverings – They’re lightweight insulators for your glass, creating year-round comfort and ambiance for your home. 

Designed to filter light and shield against extreme temperatures, honeycomb blinds are your go-to solution for our hot Riverina summers, and cold Riverina winters. Experience a more energy-efficient home with honeycomb blinds. The unique cellular design of these blinds create an additional insulation pocket for your home – much like double-glazed windows do. Whether it’s a scorching January heatwave or a chilly July first, honeycomb blinds are designed to help keep you feeling comfortable in your own home. 

Like all of our window furnishings, custom designed and made is key! You can choose from a range of fabrics, plain or textured, and select from light-filtering or blockout options. Honeycomb blinds also offer a day-night solution, and a unique top-down, bottom-up design – both are perfect for balancing light and privacy while not having to forgo the great insulation benefits. The cordless easy lift design also ensures they’re safe and simple formal ages to use. Feeling overwhelmed by choices? We have you covered – our expert team will bring the options to you, guided by our extensive knowledge and experience. 

Dreaming of a greener home with reduced energy spending? Your solution: custom-designed and expertly installed honeycomb blinds. 

Custom made honeycomb blinds bring plenty of benefits to your home such as:

Don’t wait any longer to experience the benefits of honeycomb blinds in your home. Contact us at Riverina Plantation Shutters to schedule your complimentary window furnishing consultation today. 

Create an energy-efficient home with Honeycomb Blinds today.

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