Luxurious, custom-made curtains straight from our workroom.

Beautifully designed, deluxe curtains add a touch of elegance and style to any home. In summer, curtains can give your home a light and airy feeling, while helping keep it cool and comfy. Just imagine walking into a room, with the gentle breeze softly lifting your sheer curtains just slightly, giving you that little touch of luxury.

That’s what living is all about. 

Your curtains are just as important in winter. Helping you keep warm and snug, curtains can give your family a sense of protection from the rain, wind and cold. Coming home on a cold winter’s day to a home that gives you a warm, happy feeling has never felt better!

Curtains are about more than giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Designed for practicality, curtains and drapes can help you save on energy bills by keeping the temperature exactly right in your home no matter the season. And, of course, curtains can give you plenty of privacy. Whether it’s from neighbours or people on the street driving past your house.

Using, sheer, blockout or tripleweave fabric, your curtains will be made from the highest-quality fabrics using superior workmanship. During your free in-home consultation, we can help you choose the right curtain fabric, hardware and heading for each room. You can feel and hold each fabric, to see how it will look and most importantly, find out how your choices will finish off your room.

Curtain Fabrics

The days of heavy, traditional and drab curtains fabrics are long gone. You’ll find plenty of contemporary fabric options in our mobile showroom in your preferred colour, fabric and style.

Sheer Curtains

Sheers are a must-have and are back on trend! These curtains will help soften any room and give you plenty of privacy without compromising your outside view. Sheer curtains are great for draping large areas and there’s plenty of different colours and textures available. From delicate voiles to soft polyester and natural fibre fabrics like cotton and linen, sheers are the perfect choice for any home.

Blockout Curtains

Great for summer and winter, blockout curtains are the perfect choice for regulating room temperature. That means these curtains can even help you save money on your energy bills. Not to mention, blockout curtains help stop the light coming into your room letting you take an afternoon nap when you most need it.

Dim Out Curtains​

These curtains are a dream come true for families looking for luxury. Dim out curtains are made with a soft, thick triple-weave fabric, that is, three layers of fibre tightly woven together. The middle layer of this fabric is black, allowing only a small amount of light to pass through it, making the room dark. Just as importantly, dim out curtains are easy to look after – simply wash, re-hang and enjoy!

Curtain Hardware

So many options! Whether you’re after an elegant contemporary feel or a more timeless classic look, choosing the right hardware can give your home that extra touch of luxury. But choosing the right hardware is more than picking out the curtain rod that you like.

Curtain tracks, rods and hanging systems are dependent on the curtain heading you have chosen and on whether your curtains or alternatively, your hardware is the standout feature. We’ve plenty of options and samples that you can view. You can choose from simple slimline tracks to custom made rods that come in a variety of colours. Plus, you have the option of a hand drawn, cord drawn or motorised curtain track. Your choices are endless. Most importantly, we are here to help you make the right decision and find the hardware that matches your chosen fabric and heading.

Curtain Headings

Choosing the right heading for your curtains is just as important as the fabric and hardware. A curtain heading is the technical term for the way a curtain is sewn at the top. Headings influence the way the fabric falls to the floor and how your chosen fabric stacks when pulled to one side. From triple pinch pleats to S-Waves, we can help you choose the right heading for your curtains. With our extensive knowledge, we understand the practical considerations when choosing headings and will have plenty of answers to your questions.


Give your curtains a contemporary, elegant look with a S-Wave heading. Choosing this type of finish allows the fabric to hang in wide, even folds along your chosen curtain track. It’s a great alternative to a pleated curtain heading. By adding a symmetrical look to your curtains, it will certainly add a touch of luxury to your room.  We’re sure you’ll love it, just like our other customers.


Looking for a more traditional curtain finish? By using a double or triple pinch pleat heading, your curtains will be detailed, decorative and timeless. These headings simply involve groups of two or three pleats being evenly spaced along your curtain. In return, your curtains will have uniform, neatly stacked folds rather than an unstructured look. As an added advantage, pinch pleat heading can be used on all standard hanging systems. Your options are endless.

Neat Pleats

You can’t go wrong with neat pleat headings for linings or rear curtains that sit behind your primary curtain. Simple and structured, these headings allow your curtain to sit flat when closed, and stack well when open. Inverted box pleats are perfect for an elegant look and feel, and knife pleats are a great option if you’re looking for a stylish and tailored look for your curtains. These neat pleats sit flat when closed, meaning this heading style is well suited in narrow pelmets, and in combination with another chosen curtain. 

Curtains are all about making your house a home. Giving you that touch of luxury, that sense of protection and adding a layer of sophistication to your home. Imagine coming home to a house in summer that feels makes you feel you’re on holiday or makes you feel happy and snug in winter. You can get that feeling each and every day by giving Riverina Plantation Shutters a call to arrange your free in-house consultation.

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