Plan Ahead to Add The Finishing Touches to Your Home This Year

Well another month of winter has passed in the Riverina! The winter solstice is a memory now (thank you!) and families are back into routine after the school holidays. The window furnishings seem to only open to catch as much winter sunlight as possible. It happens every year!

While these winter days are short and chilly, we all naturally find ourselves spending more time indoors. It’s during this time spent in the comfort of our homes that we appreciate well-designed and insulated spaces. For us, we reflect on the role that our window furnishings play in making our client’s homes both bright and cosy.


S Wave sheer curtains beside a warming fireplace – the perfect winter retreat!


End of Year Focus: Completing Home Improvements Projects

This second half of the year also brings with it a new-found “busy” energy. It is the final push from everyone to “have everything done” before Christmas! Finishing off new builds and renovations is a top priority for many homeowners and builders. The thought of enjoying the warmer months and the summer holiday season from a new, bright and fresh space excites us all!


Plan Now to Celebrate Later

So with the cold weather still lingering – take the extra time spent indoors as the opportunity to consider your space and plan your next home improvement project. We know how important it is to have your space finished in time for the festive season. Nothing beats enjoying the summer holiday season in a beautiful, clean home, free from the nagging presence of unfinished works!


From where we’d rather be!

Secure Your Products and Trades Now

Avoid the disappointment of having unfinished spaces by reaching out to us sooner rather than later. We can work with you and your other trades now to lock in a clear plan and a realistic timeline – before the rush sets in. We custom design and make all our window furnishing products to suit your needs. As much as we would love to rush this – detailed finishing touches take time!

So don’t wait until the first glimpse of warmer weather to book in! By then the busy summer rush is already underway, and timelines start becoming tight and unrealistic. Reach out to us today and let us help you glide into the end of the year stress-free, while watching your home transform. We’d love to help!


Get Started Today

At Riverina Shutters, Blinds & Curtains we’re dedicated to providing top-quality window coverings to homes across the Riverina and Murray regions. Bring us onboard today and we’ll help you to choose the right blinds, curtains or shutters for your home. Contact us today so you can enjoy your completed home ASAP!


Slimline roller blinds in a ceiling recess – perfect planning (R Architecture)


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