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The fabric market for indoor blinds is huge! There are blockout fabrics, translucent fabrics, light filtering fabrics, sheer fabrics, screen fabrics… need we go on!? So we thought we’d start showcasing some of our popular blinds fabrics.

Skye Fabric for Blinds: 

One of our popular blinds fabrics is Skye by Shaw Performance Fabrics. Skye fabric is made from 100% polyester, and the polyester yarns used are dyed slightly differently to each other giving Skye a subtle texture and colour variation.

Skye is available in either a light filtering fabric or a blockout fabric. The light filtering version is simply the original fabric that has been stiffened to hold its structure for use as a blind. Both sides of the fabric look exactly the same. Light filtering fabrics create a room darkening effect – it’s not full blockout, but the privacy factor is still pretty good.


Skye light filtering – Porcelain colour


The blockout version of Skye has the polyester fabric bonded to a plain white acrylic backing. The result is a slightly heavier, slightly thicker overall fabric – capable of complete black out and 98% UV Protection. The white backing is important to note if you’re needing to under roll your blinds (see this post on the right way to hang a roller blind) or if you’re wanting to achieve a certain appearance to your home from the outside looking in.


Skye blockout – note the white acrylic backing.


You can run Skye all through your house whether it is with Roller Blinds, Panel Blinds or Roman Blinds. Whatever style of window or door that needs covering, Skye has a suitable option. Using the same fabric throughout your house helps to keep flow through the interiors, even if different styles of window coverings are being used.

Is this blinds fabric ok to use if there are little people in the house? Yes! From a cleaning or care perspective, Skye fabric can be spot cleaned using a soft cloth and warm water with mild detergent. So you can totally use this textured fabric for blinds in kids’ rooms.

So there you have it! A quick look at one of our favourite blinds fabrics.

If you’re looking for new blinds, or thinking about renovating soon or choosing selections for your new home, contact us today to see some of our everyday fabrics in action. We always have a streamlined showcase of popular and versatile fabrics on hand in a range of contemporary colours and textures. If you are after a specific look, pattern or texture from outside our everyday range we can always order something unique in for you. The options are endless and we’d love to help you!

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